Thursday, April 21, 2011

Has it really been almost 2 months?!?!

So I've had some problems with my blog and just could not figure it out. I've let weeks turn into months and I still can't figure out the problem. Daniel suggested that I try to use the chrome browser and not explorer and problem fixed. 

Let's see. Hazel is now 6 months and rolls all over the house. She has 2 bottom teeth and loves food. I can't believe that a half a year has gone by with her. She is still such a doll. Marston is busy. He is such a good brother. The other day, we were at Daniel's parents house and little Evan (our nephew) took a toy from Hazel (which she could care less about). Marston snatched the toy back and did a basketball block so he couldn't take it again. 

We have been painting our kitchen cabinets. It took us about 6 weeks but it looks beautiful. I am so happy how it turned out. Daniel took off the cabinet doors and drawers and painted them with the sprayer and I painted the frames with a brush. We painted the outside cabinets white (same white as base boards) and the island pottery barn terra cotta. It totally changes the whole house. I love it. Thank you Daniel for your hard work. It makes me happy to have a white kitchen. The next thing on my list is a curtain for above the kitchen windows and a new kitchen sink faucet. The faucet I want is really expensive so that probably won't be happening soon and I have an idea for the curtain but I need to find the right fabric.

Daniel has also been working on a motorized bike. He bought a beach cruiser and attached a motor to it so he can ride to work without all the sweat. He painted it orange and likes to call it  his "creamcycle". It gets 100 miles to the gallon and he can ride in the bike lane all the way to work. Brings a silly smile to my face every time I think about it. 

I ran my 3rd half marathon last Saturday. It was so much fun. I got my personal best with 2 hours and 4 minutes. I felt really good for the first 10 miles and then the last 3 were a struggle. But I did it and feel really good about finishing. My next race is the Ragner race. It's from the Golden Gate bridge to Napa valley. 200 miles, I think, we are in teams of 12 and run for about 24 hours. Each person has 3 legs. It's in September and I'm super excited about it. 
The Easter bunny came!!!

The Easter bunny brought Hazel mum mums.

Our little family Easter Sunday. 

She has to be the cutest girl ever! My mom made the skirt. Too cute! 

Marston had a lot of fun hunting for eggs at Grandpa's house. 

American River Parkway Half Marathon-CHECK!

Kitchen before.

Kitchen after. 
Daniel made a spray station in the garage. He was out there almost every night for weeks. Thanks dude!

Hazel's first food.