Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Yosemite Trip

I've been wanting to go to Yosemite for about a year now and I finally booked the trip. I just got a unheated tent cabin in Curry Village for 1 night but was super excited. I was hoping for a peaceful couple of days, relaxing in one of the most incredible places in the world. But I forgot that I have a very busy almost 3 year old boy and a 6 month old baby. Marston got so excited to be in dirt and have a world of sticks and rocks to throw it made it a bit hard to hike. He had to touch every single rock he came across and he wasn't keen on sitting in the stroller. This made things difficult when hiking. Okay - maybe not difficult but very very slow. It was beautiful nonetheless. A perfect time of year to go. 65 and sunny, waterfalls everywhere, and not so many people. We hiked the whole time we were there. We went up to Yosemite Falls, to Yosemite village, up to mirror lake, to the Awahnee hotel and back to the village. Between the 2 days I think we hiked about 15 miles. The night was cold. Marston and Daniel slept soundly in their very own sleeping bags, while Hazel and I had 8 wool blankets. Hazel woke up 6 times and was not happy. I nursed her for what seemed like the whole night. I was pretty tired the next day but happy to have the night over. It was a good trip but I was glad to come home and sleep in my own bed.

By the way, we saw a bear. Check out the photo!

Yosemite Falls.

Yosemite Falls. 

"Must throw rocks! Must throw rocks!"

It's terrible but to settle Marston down we brought our dvd player. Always does the trick!

Our tent cabin. Very comfortable. 

On our hike to Mirror lake we came across a very large bear. Scary! We backed away slowly and let it have it's space. 

In the first 10 minutes, Marston fell and busted his lip.