Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This is beginning to be a joke.

I like blogs. I read blogs all the time, everyday. But for some reason I'm having a super hard time keeping up with my own blog. There are a couple of reasons, really, just plain excuses. Number one, I see other people's blogs and think; how in the world did they make theirs so cute. Cute backgrounds and beautiful photos. I decided it is time for an upgrade on my camera. I want beautiful photos. Especially of my kids. I think I'm ready for an actual lens camera, looking at the Canon Rebel series as a gateway lens camera. Not too expensive but I still have to save for it so it might not be till Christmas. I can wait. Number two, I can't figure out blogspot. Stupid-I know! I'd like to think of myself as being a smart and fairly computer savy but for some dumb reason this stuff is comfusing to me. Sometimes I can add pictures and videos and sometimes it won't let me. Today, it's letting me. And I just want a simple background, large pictures and text. Oh well. I'll settle for this. And number three, I have a beautiful life. I have wonderful kids and a sexy husband that provides enough for me to stay at home. I am an overall happy person. Heathly and happy. I cook, clean, change diapers (more than I'd like), wake up early and run and have fun with my kids. Nothing really that interesting to write about. Nothing that will send anyone into deep thought or reflection. Nothing that will change the world.

Okay so here it is, I am going to do better. I am not going to care that my blog might be boring to some people. I think it is good for me to share my life with my family and friends that don't live near me. And that happens to be a lot of people.  There. Enough said.

These pictures are from our recent trip Idaho for rodeo weekend.