Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fallen off the bloggin' horse

We have had a couple of busy and uneventful months. My kids are growing and being really cute. Marston has been taking gymnastics and goes to speech once a week. He loves speech but I'm not so sure how much he likes gymnastics.  I have been taking a Sierra College class (to keep my teaching creditial) on Early Childhood Education, trying to keep up with the mess that comes with having kids, and training for another half marathon. Daniel has been the busiest. He has been studying for the CFP test full time and going to the office to keep up on taxes part time. We haven't seen a whole lot of him around here. He has be working really hard. This Friday and Saturday is the big test. I know he will do well. We won't get the test results for 10 weeks. It has a lower pass rate than the BAR exam. Yikes! I am looking forward to putting this whole test thing behind us. As I am SURE he is too.

Daniel got an insanly large safe. It's a bit overkill in my opinion.

Valentine's day.

For cousin Evan's birthday we all went to a fire station. The kids loved it.

We made blue play dough.