Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An Idaho Summer

I have been going to Idaho for my summers ever since I was 3. It is a tradition I want to continue with my family. This summer has been a tough one for my family but the tradition lives on. We enjoyed swimming, bonfires, shooting, paint balling, yummy food, horse back riding, hiking, fishing, and playing cards late at night. My brother Isaac got married and it was a beautiful wedding. We are all very happy for him and my newest sister Jenn.

Daniel and my brothers went paint balling. They went through 4000 paint balls within an hour. All my brothers were there except Isaac who was on his honeymoon.

Shooting clay pigeons on the hill at the ranch.

Isaac and Jenn's wedding.

Isaac secretly bought her a giant art deco ring that she really wanted but told her he couldn't afford. He switched the rings right before the ceremony. Her face was priceless!

My dad with Marston and Remmy.

For a wedding present, one of Isaac's good friends set up a photo booth for all of the wedding guests. It was so cool. They took pictures of all guests and gave one copy to the guest and another copy they glued into a photo album to serve as their guest list. It was really fun.

Marston had a really hard night that night and cried just about the whole time. Yeah-not fun...we have proof here.

Marston and his cousins taking a bath right before the wedding.

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  1. Great photos all but I'm partial of the one with Grandpa holding his babies....really fun!!