Thursday, September 17, 2009

In a nutshell.

I feel like I need to post something profound. I have nothing. Sorry. Lately I have been preoccupied with dreams of a new house, a new town, finishing a long race with hundreds or maybe thousands of people and of course my ever so busy Marston. I love my life. I am tired and my muscles ache but I have a peaceful heart and a calm mind. I guess I can't ask for much more than that. I am using blogging as a form of journal writing but I have been rather boring in my posts. Here's an update.

Marston is learning how to walk. As I watch him waddle along I am in awe at how fast a human can change. It really seems like yesterday that I could lay him on a cloth diaper and he would fit head to toe. Now he is a little boy who is curious and spunky and sweet. I go around all day putting things back where they belong. He will open a cupboard and pull everything out then move on to the next cupboard. This morning I was talking to Daniel upstairs and heard a toilet flush downstairs. "Where's Marston", will be my new tag phrase. And thus it begins.

My house. I have never thought more on a decorating project in my life. I love to decorate but I have never been able to go into a space and make it completely Abbi until now. I have made all the decisions I can make for now and it's driving me a bit crazy that I have to wait to pull it all together. I was at Restoration Hardware today and have decided all of my colors. Silver sage, garnet, butter and the right white are going to be welcome in my home. I have tile for the fireplace finally picked (sage marble 4x4 tiles) and I have an idea as to the kind of knobs and pulls (Restoration Hardware "modern"-look it up) I want for my kitchen. We bought a dining room table, chairs and a bench and we are going to order window treatments on Monday. I am ready.

I am in my 3rd week of training and I feel pretty good. My muscles really do ache today. Up until yesterday I was running completely on a treadmill. It feels so good to get outside. Fresh air and a change of scenery makes a world of difference. I did 4.5 miles yesterday, running an average 11 minute mile. I was so proud of myself. On the treadmill I was running an average 13 minute mile. Today I ran 3 miles with an average 9 minute mile. That's 4 minutes off my mile just by heading outdoors. Saturday I have to run 6 miles. I am rather nervous for that day. I have 7 more weeks of training until the big day in San Francisco.

Daniel is busy at work. He has been swimming laps at the El Dorado Hills sports club and loves it. He is doing really well, swimming 40 laps continuously most days. I have been super proud of him. He has his plate full with school, work, swimming, me nagging him to build me a mantle and making sure to get enough Marston time. Marston loves his daddy. He will often give Daniel kisses and cuddles when he only cuddles with me when he hurts himself.

We have our final house walk through October 7th and we sign the papers on the 15th. Then we paint and move. Start a new adventure in Lincoln.

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