Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Little Dragon

Daniel bought a dragon costume for Marston this year. I know... shouldn't I have made him one rather than buy one? No time this year with the move and all. Plus I am trying to train for the race, I don't think I can handle another project. Anyhow, Marston loves it. Every morning he'll bring me the costume and he'll wear it for hours. It is so cute seeing a little dragon playing in my house. I have always loved when I see parents let their children wear costumes in public well after Halloween just because the kid really loves it.


  1. cool costume....that's one of them we were looking at. James is going to be a lion since we got it on sale. I thought about making one too but maybe another year.

  2. oh my goodness, I love that he loves it and wants to wear it. Such a boy thing. I can't wait. I love it and he looks darling.

  3. So cute! That would be hard to make one like that for him so it was probably smart to buy it. Your little boy is so cute and so big!