Monday, November 16, 2009

Playing with Grandpa

Daniel's parents came over for dinner last night. Marston and grandpa ran around the house chasing each other for almost 30 minutes straight. I'm not sure who was more tired at the end of the night, Marston or Grandpa, but it was sure cute to watch.


  1. Ooooh, that's precious, precious stuff! Marston is just adorable and growing up sooo fast; I can't believe he says "more" and gestures, "where'd he go?"...he's changing from a baby to little boy. I will say this, Grandpa loved every second of the chase and those sweet hugs and slept very well last night. Thanks for a wonderful evening!!

  2. My goodness!! Where do they get the energy? Tell Dan I love his shorts. ;D

  3. That was soooo cute. I love that he signed more and then ran the other direction for more. It was also so cute when he'd stop for lovin's from grandpa. Thank you for sharing.