Friday, August 6, 2010

Adventures in Idaho

Our little family at Masa Falls, a beautiful and surprisingly huge water fall outside of Rexburg. 
We got to drive out to Rexburg to help Erik (Dan's brother) get settled at BYU-Idaho. We love it there. It's been 3 years since we've lived there and it was so fun to see all the new things in the town. We spent a couple of days there then Daniel drove home with his parents and Marston and I drove down to Preston to visit my family.  I love my parent's ranch in the summer. It's so beautiful. Sounds of birds, chickens, dogs, flies, cows, and horses and the smell of fresh cow manure and wood smoke make the sweetness of the ranch. We got to spend 2 and a half weeks there. Daniel flew back for about a week. We went on long drives in the mountains, went swimming, chased chickens, went to the Preston Night Rodeo and all the festivities that came with that, and ate lots and lots of ice cream from Big J's. I grew up doing that same things with my grandparents and I hope my children will have wonderful memories of Idaho like I have.

Bear Lake in the nude. 
My parents at Bear Lake.

We had some troubles with skunks this summer. My dad caught and released (somewhere in the mountains) 4 of them. 3 babies and 1 big mama. 
This calf was born that morning. 
My uncle owns a big dairy farm. 
Tuckered out. 
Dairy farm in Preston, Idaho.

Zana had her 10th birthday out at the ranch. We all went to Aggies in Logan and got a sink filled with ice cream. Jonas and Marston had the good idea of "eating" it with a straw.
Daniel and Marston ready for the Preston Night Rodeo. My two cowboys.
Marston, Erik and Daniel at the rodeo. Marston loved it. He cheered, clapped and gazed at all the excitement. 


  1. I LOVE all of the pictures. Especially of the one at the lake with Marston in the nude!

  2. omg Marston is getting so big! Great pics!

  3. I love all these photos but was wondering, should the lake where Marston's naked be called, "Bare Lake"? Just thinking.