Monday, January 2, 2012

best of 2011

Here it is, our year in a nutshell. I am very blessed.

Our Hazel girl joined us in November of 2010 but we are still so happy she's here. She really is a doll.

Her first food.

Daniel fashioned up a paint booth to paint the kitchen cabinets.

Took a long time to paint but we are still happy with our kitchen.

Sweet boy with his curious george that used to be his uncle Ben's.  

Our Yosemite trip and the bear we got to meet. Yikes!

Trip to the Idaho ranch in May. Best time of year to go there. Just gorgeous!

She is the cutest when she gets up in the morning.

My beautiful garden.

Cowboy Marston getting ready for the Preston Night Rodeo.

Marston turned 3!

Went boating on Lake Tahoe with Daniel's family.

Picking raspberries at the ranch with Grandma.

Cowboy Dan at the Preston Rodeo.

Bishop's pumpkin patch.

Completed 4 races in 2011. American River half marathon, Eppies triantholn, Ragnar Relay in Napa, and the Santa Barbara half marathon.

Got to host Thanksgiving this year. Loved it. Loved all the family.

Hazel turned 1!

Family pictures in a walnut orchard. Thanks Brooke!

This little guy is now potty trained! WAHOO!!!
I turned 30!

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  1. PLEASE tell me what your cabinets used to look like, they are amazing!!!