Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trading White for Black.

My eyes are burning and swollen, my nose is dripping. I am so sad to have to write a post like this. My darling little sister's fiancé Lance Jensen drowned yesterday. They were engaged to be married August 22nd in the Logan Temple.

Lance and Bethy have a long history together. It started in high school where Beth developed a huge crush on this very cute and very tall boy named Lance. They dated once or twice before they graduated and Lance went to USU while Beth went up to BYU-Idaho. Lance got called on a mission and served honorably while Bethy wrote and sent packages often. Every time she got a letter from him she called me with excitement and was on cloud 9 for a day or two after. I remember the letter she got telling her he would be going to BYU-Idaho when he returned. She could hardly handle it! I think she knew that they were going to be together. He returned and went up to Rexburg in January. They started dating almost immediately. Only a couple weeks after that Bethy called me to told me she knew he was the one for her and that she hoped to be married by the end of summer. She loved him and he loved her. They got engaged 4 weeks ago.

I talk to my sister everyday. We are closer than best friends. I hate knowing she is in so much pain for the loss of her sweetheart. I know how much she loved and adored Lance. She would tell me everyday the cute things he would say or do for her. She was looking forward to her future with the man of her dreams. Now instead of a wedding she'll be attending a funeral. White for black.

I know there is a plan for Bethy. Heavenly Father loves her and has one for her. It is just completely different than what we all thought. She will be re-united with Lance in the next life and be able to continue their friendship, of that I am sure. I love you Bethy and will miss my dear sweet brother, Lance.


  1. I am so sorry for Beth's loss. I cannot even imagine. I cried when I read this. It's so sudden and it reminds that life is fragile and can be taken away so easily. I'm sorry for the pain that it's causing everyone and I"m praying that the comforter will just giver her some sort of comfort whatever it may be. I love you Abbi and I am so sad for Beth. I wish I could just hug her.

  2. Ooooh, so sad. Beth, your family, the Jensens and you, dear Abbi, are in my prayers and thoughts. I know how much you love Beth and when she hurts, you hurt and that's because you're a wonderful sister. I know Heavenly Father will send love and comfort to everyone and Beth and Lance will always love each other. Hugs and love to all.

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Beth and the families. It brakes my heart to think of what Beth is going through. We love you and hope that in this challenging time, you might feel the peace of our loving savior.

  4. Abbi-- I am so sorry for Beth's loss. It is not fair. I will pray for her and for his and your family.

  5. I am so sorry Abbi. I don't know what it is, but it feels like the veil is a revolving door these days. My heart breaks for your little sister. My cousin, after being married for only 7 months, lost her husband a year ago. They were both only 25 years old. I know how difficult it has been for her, and I know how difficult it has been for us losing our little boy. One thing I do know though, is that the Savior will help, comfort, and give your sister, your family, and his, the strength you all need to keep going. Send her my love. Love you Abbi.