Thursday, December 31, 2009

Car Accident

Monday night we were in a terrible car accident. I had just picked Daniel up from work to go up to Placerville to his parents to drop Marston off so that we could go to an ugly sweater party in Cameron Park. I was driving and Marston and Dan were in the back seats. We were headed up a back but very busy road when suddenly a SUV was in my lane and I T-Boned her. The van spun half a circle and the SUV flipped a couple of times. At the time I had no idea what happened. I was driving and the next thing I knew there was a car in my lane. It happened in a matter of seconds, I didn't have time to swerve or break. We hit hard. Daniel grabbed Marston and got out first and I just sat in the drivers seat covered in glass and airbags screaming. I finally came to and slowing got out to find my baby and husband. There were many people on their cell phones calling for help and the woman in the SUV was screaming for help as her car was on its side. Marston was terrified. I just wanted to comfort him but it was so hard for me to hold him. In minutes there were fire engines, ambulances and a helicopter. Dan and I had to get taken away on a stretcher. They took Marston in the ambulance in his car seat and the woman we hit got taken away in a helicopter. Marston screamed the whole way to the hospital. I think he was just so scared to see his parents strapped down an unable to hold him. I have never felt such a huge desire to hold and comfort my little boy in my life. It was awful! We got to the hospital and all 3 of us were separated. They checked us all out and we had x-rays and Dan got a CT scan but we were all okay. Daniel has a huge bruise right where the seat belt was, I have huge bruises on my hips and chest and Marston has a small bruise on his neck where the seat belt rubbed him. We were incredibly lucky! Marston is completely fine and Dan and I are fine with some aches and pains. In the ambulance I noticed the diamond in my ring was gone and the ring is a bit bent up but my hand only had a very small bruise. We were totally protected! We were blessed. I don't know why but I am extremely thankful.

Thinking about it later and putting the pieces together with the tow company and the police we have a pretty good idea what happened. There was a woman wanting to turn left into a neighborhood. This road is a busy road and there was no turning lane. She was waiting for a long line of traffic to clear when a teenaged girl driving too fast tried to go around her off the pavement and clipped her SUV hard enough to send her into my lane and I T-boned her at about 50 MPH. I pray that she is okay and that the teenage girl gets her license revoked.


  1. wow, what a story! I am glad all 3 of you are okay.

  2. holy smokes. what a terrible accident! i'm glad everyone is ok, but i'm sorry you had to experience that with marston. just kinda makes you want to squeeze him a little harder. here's to a quick recovery!