Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Tree Adventures

We went searching for a Christmas tree last Saturday. We started at a little Christmas tree farm about 10 minutes from here. It was unimpressive. We got there right when they were opening the gates (it was like 9:45am...if that was your business and you only had to welcome customers for about 4 weeks out of the year, wouldn't you get there early?) and no one said hi or welcome, here's a saw and a wagon, we stood there waiting for a few minutes then we grabbed a wagon and saw and hiked up the hill. The trees were not groomed. There were some with branches way longer than the rest of the tree. So we let Marston run around for a bit then we took off with no tree in hand. After that we decided to go to a Christmas tree lot. They had some really nice trees but they were all so expensive. We were just looking for a 6 to 7 foot tree and they were charging $80-$100. So we hopped back in the car with no tree and went to Lowes. We found a beautiful 7 foot douglas noble fur tree for $40. We love it.

Later that day we went to the Lincoln Christmas parade. It was so much fun. There were all kinds of floats, people, and animals. Really cool horses and dogs and a ton of goats. We had a really good time and are really happy we live in a small town that holds nice family friendly events.

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  1. A precious little boy, a loving family, a beautiful new home with a fireplace and big decorated many gifts this year. I'm happy for you all....

    Oh, I can't forget one of the most beautiful things about your home.....the garage and its capabilities to store stuff!!!