Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A day in the life of a two-year-old

So I thought it might be fun to take lots of pictures throughout our day. This is what we did yesterday.
Marston helping me water the blueberries. Yes, one of them got fried on one of the really hot days here so we're trying to bring life back into it. 

Reading books while I do laundry.
Grandma Anderson came over to watch Marston while I got to go to lunch with Daniel. Thanks Grandma! 
Grandma and Marston playing games. 
Marston fell asleep in Grandma's arms almost the whole time I was gone. I took him up to his bed when I got home to give Grandma's arms a rest. 
This is how Marston wakes up from his naps. It takes him a little while before he is fully awake and happy. 
Eating lunch at 2 pm. 
Coloring. He loves to peel off the crayon wrappers.
Playing in the garden. 
On our way to the dry cleaners and grocery store. 
At the grocery store, eating grapes. Love this look.
Daddy finally home. 
Daniel and Marston wrestle every night when Daniel gets home. 
Dinner time. 
After I shoved food in his mouth and he was done. 
On a walk to the park. Marston has to walk on the curb. 
We wanted to speed things up so Daniel put Marston on his shoulders. That was fun for about 1 minute, then Marston wanted to walk by himself. 
Climbing climbing climbing.
Down the slide. 
Bath time. 
He loves that hat we got for free in a kid's meal in Preston during the rodeo. 
Finally time for bed. He always starts off in his big-boy bed but gets out so many times we end up putting him in his pack-and-play. 
Ready for prayers. 


  1. This is precious!! He's such a sweetheart and it's fun to share in his day of learning. I'm glad you're "capturing" this time because, this is cliche because it's true, these moments will be soon gone. He's a "little love" and I'm glad I could be part of his day; being with him brought joy into mine.

    Keep posting!!!