Saturday, November 13, 2010

Say Hello to Hazel Abigail

We are happy to announce that our baby girl is finally here! I went into labor, 6 days late, last Saturday night. We went to the hospital and 8 hours later, we have a new member of our family. She was 10.1 pounds and 21 inches long! A big baby! I am still in shock. I only pushed for about 15 minutes and everything seemed very calm and relaxed. It was very pleasant- as far as birthing goes. She is a beautiful little girl with lots and lots of red hair. In fact, it is exactly the same color as Marston's hair when he was born. Who knew that we would get 2 kids with beautiful red hair. She is very sweet and we are thrilled to have her here. 
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This is William, Hazel's cousin, born only a day after her. 

This is Marston when he was about a week old. Same color hair as Hazel. 


  1. SO SO sweet!!! I absolutely love her name too

  2. She is the sweetest little darling; your precious family just tickles me!! I'm just thrilled for all of you and the beautiful life you're guys make adorable red heads!!

  3. Congrats!! You have such a cute little family. Good luck with two; it is so much fun!