Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hiking on Memorial Day

We decided we needed to get out and explore the area some more so we went on a hike. I found it in a book I have I got at REI a while ago called, Easy Hiking in Northern California. We decided to hike to a place called Dry Creek Falls. It's in between Grass Valley and Marysville. We had a good time. Marston was busy and tired from not getting a nap. He had a hard time knowing what he wanted, like most 2 year olds. Anyway we hiked in about 2 and a half miles to the falls. It was beautiful and huge. I think the book said it was 50 feet tall. We looked at the falls, ate some trial mix and turned around for another 2 and a half miles back to the car. It was a nice day and it felt good to exercise.

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  1. I love the pictures. Marston is adorable, but you already knew that. I love the picture from behind of Daniel and Marston.