Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hazel's birthday

My sweet Hazel girl turned 1 on the 7th. We decided to go to Fairy Tale Town in Sacramento for her birthday party. We went the Saturday before her birthday. Fairy Tale Town is awesome. It's a giant playground perfect for toddlers. It has a giant shoe slide for the lady who lived in a shoe, a rabbit hole slide, Christopher Robin's tree house, Robin Hood's forest, a giant foot slide for Jack and the beanstalk, a pirate ship, King Aurthur's castle, farm animals, a barn with a slide, Cinderella's pumpkin carriage and more. Hazel, Marston and my nephew Evan had a blast.  It was a chilly day but still fun. After we went to the park outside Fairy Tale Town and had a picnic. It was a nice day. Simple. By the time we sang Hazel happy birthday she was so tired and a little sick, she didn't care about her cake and presents.
On her actual birthday, the poor girl had the flu, feel down the stairs, choked on an apple, and fell and busted her lip on the coffee table. It was kind of a horrible day for her. I'm glad she won't remember it.
Yesterday she had her 12 month check up. She is 20 lbs and 29 inches. In the 30th percentile for both. She also got 6 (yes 6!) shots. And I still need to take her to get her to get a blood sample from the lab and a flu booster in a month. Poor girl.
Our house has been sick with the flu since Saturday. Runny noses, coughs, and throwning up have been our days. Not fun at all.
I have a half marathon in Santa Barbara this Saturday. Considering the past week of illness and not making all my long runs, I think this race is going to be tough. We'll see how I do. I wanted to make it under 2 hours but now I just want to be able to finish it. Low expectations.
Cinderella's coach at Fairy Tale Town.

Fairy Tale Town.

The fear in my face! Hazel is as cool as a cucumber. Makes me laugh.

Hazel looks so excited.

Once again, really excited.

We made sure Marston and Evan got to open a present too.

I made cake pops for everyone. Hazel likes to crawl under the computer desk and eat.

Evidence that we tried to make Hazel's birthday fun. Balloons are fun, right?!?! PS-we were all wearing stripes. Obsessed with stripes-maybe.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I saw your picture coming down the slide. Totally perfect! We had lots of fun and I hope you are feeling better for your run!