Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving this year was a blast. I got to have my parents, Bethie and Isaac and Jenn come into town for a couple of days. It was great to have my family here and play with my kids. We had a great time visiting, eating, shopping, eating, visiting, shopping and eating. I love having my family visit. Marston and Hazel loved it to. Thanksgiving day was a lot of fun. Bethie and Daniel and I went on a 4 mile Thanksgiving run with a group of friends. I had a great time. It always feels good to exercise on Thanksgiving. Then we came home and began cooking. Everything turned out beautifully. Harold and Darlene and Erik joined us and we sat down to a lovely meal. I have a lot to be grateful this year. We have a steady job, cars that run, healthly kids, food on the table, the gospel and a great ward, and wonderful, supportative family and friends.
This year I made a thankful banner and had everyone write what they were thankful for on leaves. I'm happy how it turned out. Maybe next year I wll actually paint a tree branch for the leaves.

Rubbing the love into the turkey always makes it taste better. Beth, Dan and I did a thanksgiving turkey run that morning. That is way I am still sweaty.

Jenn working her stuffing magic.

Dan and Erik making butter.

Beth and Marston.

Isaac and my dad making butter. It looks like my dad is still saying to Isaac, "when are you going to get it?"

Hazel in her new outfit from my mom and Bethie.

There's the pirate smile.

This year I made crock pot mashed potatoes. They turned out wonderfully. To save space in the kitchen, I put the crock pot in the garage on Dan's work bench.

Thanksgiving table.

Beautiful meal along with beautfiul company.

Isaac and Jenn

Erik, Mama Darlene and Daniel

Harold and Erik

We played charades with everyone and it was a lot of fun.

Any guesses?

So full we all needed to lay flat.

Erik resting before pie.

The pies-apple, pecan and pumpkin.

Bethie enjoying her pies.

This is the day after Thanksgiving. She and Daniel shared a piece of pumpkin pie. She loved it.

Hazel and ranch grandma enjoying each other.

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