Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Progress

We went out to Lincoln to check on our house a couple of days ago. It looks great. They've framed out the whole thing and even hung the front and back doors. It is so exciting to see the progress they've made. The next couple of weeks they are going to be working on the electrical and plumbing. We have a "dry wall walk through" on August 3rd and they will start dry walling after that appointment. I can hardly wait.

Garage and side of house.

Front door, den behind Dan and dinning room in front.

Kitchen. The framing in the middle is an island.

Front of house. Dan and Marston are waving from the master bedroom window.

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  1. SWEET! Building your own home is so fun! We did ours and it was a great experience. I hope it will be the same for you.

    Hey I found a great blog tutorial that helps with the gussets on the "Birdie Sling". Amy's diagram about made me cross eyed. Let me know when you are ready for it and I'll figure out where I found it :) LOL!!!