Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Missing Switzerland

My aunt is teaching a seminary class this year and asked some family members write a letter to her students about their mission. I got to write to one of the girls in her class about my mission and it has just brought back some of the old mission feelings. I totally miss Switzerland. I can't believe it's been 5 years since I've been home, it feels like yesterday I was getting off the plane in Zurich with butterflies in my stomach and an excitement to share the gospel. I am so grateful I served. I am a better friend, member, wife, daughter, sister, and now mother because I choose to serve a full time mission. 

This is where we would pick up the train to Zurich when I served in Wollrau (a little village about 45 minutes south of Zurich). In the summer we would take the boat.

Basel bahnhoff (train station). I served 9 months in Basel. 

We tracked into an old lady at this house (I wanted to knock on this house because I thought it looked cool) who turned out to be an inactive member for years. We got her to church a couple of times. 

Basel-rot platz.  We would street contact here many many many times. 

Knocking doors in Basel. Beautiful october leaves. 

Knocking doors.

On top of the world. The Swiss Alps in Chur. We took a ski lift to get up there. I think it bugged the skiers and snowboarders to have missionaries at the top of their mountain. 


  1. I found your blog from your Facebook page, so fun to catch up and see what you're up to now. Your pictures make me miss Basel so much. When you got transferred I came in and stayed 9 months. The best place ever, loved it! Hope you're doing great!

  2. What a great experience! I love all of the pictures and how crazy it has been 5 years!