Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rattlesnakes at Folsom Lake

We went out on Folsom lake on Saturday with some friends who have a boat. We boarded the boat and drove over to the Granite Bay side and found a beach to set up camp. The men then took the boat out to go wake boarding while we stayed on the beach with our babies. It was so fun. Marston loved to get dirty, eat the sand and splash in the water. When the men came back we wanted to have a boat ride too so we jumped back on the boat. We toured the lake and went all the way to Salmon Falls bridge where there are incredibly HUGE houses. Anyway on our was back to the beach Daniel saw a snake and pointed it out to everyone. The snake was on the side of the boat going the opposite direction. We all took a look and realized it was a rattlesnake (who knew rattlers could swim). Before we knew it the snake was on the back deck of the boat and trying to climb into the boat. Josh grabbed an ore and started beating the thing back but the snake just kept climbing the edge of the boat. We were only about 20 feet from the beach. Dan took over with the ore and tried to smash it and cut it in half but nothing was happening. So finally Dan just shoved it off the deck and the thing swam away like nothing had ever happened. How scary that we were swimming with rattlesnakes not a hour before. We were so close to the beach where there were children and dogs having a good time. It really scared me so we cleaned up camp and went home. It was a good day even with the snake adventure.


  1. That is so scary. I'm so relieved that you made it back all safe and sound. I googled what to do when/if you're ever in the situation of being bit by a rattlesnake because you scared me with your story. SERIOUSLY that's freaky. Crazy snake.

    btw, I love Marston's cantaloupe photos. Looks like he loved it!

  2. That is so scary!!! Who would have thought that rattle snakes could swim. I hope that never happens again.