Friday, May 29, 2009

San Francisco Again...

I just got home from spending a week in the great city of San Francisco. I love that city... except for all the liberal junk that goes on there. Daniel had a Financial Planning Association conference there so we got to go along and play while he was in meetings. We shopped in some of the cutest and fashionable boutiques in the country. I love pretending I have money in those places, they probably see right through me though. We got to go to dinner in China Town, which really feels like you are in China. Little people scurrying around in their open air markets and thousands of back scratchers and knock off purses. We went to little Italy where there were italian bakery's, cafe's and restaurants on every corner. All had bistro tables outside with people speaking italian and sipping their coffees.
I think at heart I am part city girl. I love the business, the variety of people, the sounds and the energy cities have to offer.

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  1. oh my goodness, i love the photo of Marston and Daniel. Marston looks like he is really enjoying himself and you can definitely pretend that you have money in those stores, because I like to too. You guys look great! Cute family.